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Build hype for the dessert menu—without hiring a pastry chef

As staffing shortage cause operators to shrink their menus—especially the dessert menu—speed-scratch products can help revive the sweets selection. Learn more about how ready to bake batters can help operators expand their dessert offerings.


Benefits of using pre-prepped ingredients to alleviate back-of-house stress

As operators continue to deal with labor challenges, speed-scratch ingredients can help save time and labor while making menu expansion easy.

Most consumers—61%—eat dessert at least once a week, including 38% who eat desserts after a meal twice a week or more, according to Technomic’s recent Dessert Consumer Trend Report. Operators should b...

Speed-scratch baking solutions can fit seamlessly into restaurateurs’ kitchens and budgets despite some pervasive misconceptions. Here are four myths about dessert sales and in-house baking debun...

Amid current labor challenges and short-staffing issues in many restaurants, plenty of operators are exploring ways to cut the amount of labor used during a given shift. In the realm of desserts, a ro...