At Lipton® we believe that tea has the power to transform your business. We are committed to providing you with the very best concepts and services, enabling you to provide in turn the very best tea experience for your customers.

Discover Lipton® tea as food service brand for your professional kitchen and find out how tea can grow your business today.

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Getting the most out of your menu

In the restaurant business, known for razor-thin profit margins, every little bit of additional revenue helps keep an operation in the black.


The power of branding

Many operators have discovered the power of leveraging premium-brand products on the menu and tabletop. Front-of-the-house branding can take various forms, such as showcasing a brand-name cookie or candy ingredient in a dessert recipe, placing brand-name condiments on the table, or menuing the customer-preferred brand of iced tea by the glass and pitcher. Each is a way of showing a commitment to quality and not coincidentally, boosting sales and profits.

For restaurant operators, it’s a given that iced tea is the most-profitable non-alcoholic beverage they can sell. However, the operators who sell the most iced tea don’t take it for granted—they know the brand power of a premium, fresh-brewed iced tea, and they know that when guests don’t see their favorite beverage brands on the menu, they often default to ordering tap water.

It’s no secret that iced tea is one of the most profitable non-alcoholic beverages that restaurants can sell. Unsweetened fresh-brewed iced tea is also a great choice for health-conscious people who want something refreshing to quench their thirst but don’t want to drink extra calories.

If your customers are opting for tap water because they don’t see any interesting beverage alternatives on your menu, that's like, well, throwing money down the drain.

The rise of specialty beverages is proof positive that for restaurateurs, signature beverage programs are no longer an option—they’re critical for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

With big players such as Taco Bell and Panera Bread touting their recent moves to all-natural ingredients, it’s never been more important for operators...