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Boost brand loyalty with compelling post-dining customer experiences

When consumers dine out, they choose where to go based on a number of factors—menu variety, value, the experience and service they get when they go to a certain place and more. But one thing that they...

Consumer Trends

Boost customer engagement with data-driven strategies

Digital, data-driven solutions are unmatched among ways for restaurateurs to connect—and stay connected—with loyal customers. Digital marketing, digital ordering and overall customer loyalty are each ...

Communicating with consumers in today’s marketplace requires more than simple acts of personalization, and instead calls for individualization that reflects the nuances of each customer’s preferences....

The pandemic has inevitably taken some personal elements out of the typical restaurant experience today.

After the pandemic’s onset, nationwide lockdowns ushered in a wave of consumers trying digital ordering and off-premise dining in unprecedented volumes.

This year’s coronavirus pandemic has forced restaurant operators all over to adapt and shift gears—to alter their business strategies to meet the demands of the time.

Providing a rewarding experience for customers had already been growing increasingly important for restaurant operators before the pandemic hit.

Restaurants have always had to go the extra mile to win over guests. But in the age of COVID-19—when consumers are dining out and socializing less—it is even more imperative for restaurants to take control of the guest relationship. 

Here are a few ways operators can continue connecting with customers even in a contactless environment.

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global enterprise technology provider for the banking, retail and hospitality industries, today announced an agreement with NYMBUS to assist small businesses impacted by COVID-19 with accessing Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection loans.

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