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Elevated and unique franks, corn dogs and sausages offer a fun update to a familiar favorite

Diners love sausages and hot dogs, and unique toppings and flavors can help draw them in. Get menu inspiration today!


Appeal to diners by adding craveable Mexican options to the menu

Consumers looking for global flavor love familiar Mexican flavors—check out exciting ways to add more globally inspired options to the menu.

Breakfast is a great daypart for operators to capitalize on. Meals are centered on comfort foods that are easy to prepare, ingredients can be used across an array of dishes—boosting versatility while ...

Consumers are seeking authentic global flavors on quick-service and fast-casual restaurant menus, and they are willing to pay a premium for these culinary experiences. “Global flavors are among the...

There are three big ways that globally inspired offerings can drive sales: They appeal to diners seeking new and novel foods; they can boost profits by being sold at a premium; and they drive the small-plates trend, which allows consumers to try something new without a big commitment.

For operators—who are already offering global dishes or who want to start doing so—another important factor to consider when creating these meals is the labor involved.

Check out these best practices for offering LTOs and learn more about how versatile ingredients can help.

With demand for dining out challenged by the pandemic, the need to appeal to diners is more crucial than ever.