You Are Your Business

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing, Jay has excelled in growing one of the largest and most successful direct-to-the-customer retail marketing companies in the United States.

Direct marketing delivers immediate, trackable, and measurable results that businesses demand—especially in today’s economy. There’s no expensive “waste circulation.”  Promotions go only to prospects most likely to respond.

Want better results from your promotions? Instead of costly trial-and-error experiments, you can easily boost your ad response by using proven tips and tricks of today's most successful direct marketers. Put these ideas to work for you today!

Don't Take Ad Surveys
Don't ask people what they think about your ad. Judge effectiveness by running it and seeing how the market responds. You don't care if people like your ad... only that it gets them to spend money!

Advertise for Sales
Don't advertise for image only! Advertise for SALES. Make sure your ad grabs attention... interests... persuades... and motivates people to respond or buy.

You Are Your Business

Showing your photo, name, title (Paul Smith, Owner) in your advertising says you're proud of your business and boosts your offers' credibility.

Give Your Offer Top Billing
When people read ads, their #1 thought is, "What's in it for me?" And since they'll give your ad only seconds to grab their attention, if you don't immediately hit them with your offer, they might never see your great deal... no matter how good it is. Meaning? That your offer should be clearly stated right in your headline because it's typically the first -- and sometimes only -- thing they'll read. Your goal is to make sure that if they read nothing else, that at least your offer gets read.

Don't be afraid to compare. Factual comparisons between your products and service and the other guys' is fair play. It helps consumers make smart choices. It's not necessary to name

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