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Managing email

Staying on top of chronically overflowing inboxes isn't easy. We asked several restaurateurs how they keep from feeling overwhelmed by emails from customers, coworkers and suppliers; here are their tips.


Analyze this: The cost of counting calories

How do you fit hefty menu analyses that can stretch over hundreds of SKUs into the budget?

Everyone's a critic; know how to respond to a review, good or bad.

Ticketing is catching on among upscale restaurants as the latest dining trend, but experts predict the practice will spread.

How do you stand out? Operators are pondering this question these days, because nobody wants to be a me-too restaurant. We asked some executives how they differentiate themselves, and this is what they told us.

A business author’s tips for thinking differently.

It’s all about talking to the consumer. Here’s how to conduct the conversation.

A sluggish economy and skittish consumer spending means operators will continue to keep tight reins on their own spending in the New Year. What is worthy of investment and what’s on the chopping block?

It’s psychology so well established that we all understand it: We want what we can’t have, be it a luxury yacht, Michael Jordan-like skills or a sugary treat.

“If you’re happy in your job, you’re less likely to quit,” says Shawn Achor, one of the designers and teachers of Harvard University’s Happiness course, and author of Before Happiness, to be published this month.

Busy times are restaurants’ bread and butter. But a busy restaurant often means hungry guests are kept waiting. If operators manage wait times properly, though, they can create positive feelings in guests and boost business. Here are some skills to work on.

"Whatever you do, do it well,” said Walt Disney. And for anybody who has visited a Disney property, it’s obvious one of the things they do—and do well—is customer service.

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