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Coffee Gelato

Menu PartDessert
Cuisine TypeItalian

Source: Colorado State University

This gelato recipe is a flavorful and refreshing option for dessert menus.


1100 grams granulated sugar
550 grams All Natural Gelato Base Pura E Ricca
600 grams Gran Caffe Coffee Paste
5200 grams whole milk


  1. Combine whole milk and heavy cream (if required according to recipe) in medium white bucket.
  2. Combine Pura e Ricca powder and sugar in mixing bowl and add to milk and cream.
  3. Whisk mixture in white bucket for 1 minute and let sit for 15 minutes, uncovered, at room temperature.
  4. After 15 minutes, use immersion blender to mix ingredients for 1 minute in white bucket.
  5. Directly after, product must be poured into machine. Pour, press ice cream button and listen to make sure that compressor turns on. Coldness setting should be set at 10 for gelato but should be adjusted as needed.
  6. Turn on blast freezer and place gelato pans into freezer to prepare to receive frozen product. Press freeze and start buttons. Blast freezer should read -30°F or colder.
  7. As product coldness level approaches desired setting, begin to occasionally test product hardness by opening and closing spout quickly in order to extract small amount. If proper hardness level is achieved, machine may be stopped early. Otherwise, machine will beep and shut off once preset coldness level has been reached.
  8. Once product is frozen to correct hardness, press extract button and open spout. Use pans that have been chilled in blast freezer and direct falling product using spatula. Close spout once pan is halfway full, spread product and press into pan.
  9. If making product with an inclusion, such as Stracciatella: After filling pan halfway, press stop button, start button and ice cream button on machine in order to maintain coldness level while adding inclusion. Drizzle inclusion over gelato and mix in. extract button again and fill rest of pan and mix in more of inclusion. For decorative purposes, add shallow layer of gelato to top, and drizzle inclusion over pan without mixing in.
  10. Remove pans as soon as top layer of product is firm and store in freezer between -5°F and -10°F.

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