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Goat Cheese Guacamole

Cuisine TypeMexican

Executive Chef Jason Smith
Cantina 18
Raleigh, N.C.

Guacamole is a menu must-have for Cinco de Mayo, but guests may welcome a variation on the standard recipe for a change of pace. At Cantina 18 in Raleigh, N.C., owner and Executive Chef Jason Smith mixes it up by adding local goat cheese to the mashed avocados, spiking the blend with pickled jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and cherry tomatoes.


4 avocados, halved and pitted
4 cherry tomatoes, quartered
4 pickled jalapenos, diced small
3 tbsp. goat cheese
3 tbsp. cooked or canned and drained black beans, chilled
2 tbsp. lime juice
1 tbsp. finely chopped cilantro
Salt and pepper, to taste
4 cups tortilla chips


1. With back of spoon, mash avocados in medium-sized bowl. Add tomatoes, jalapenos, goat cheese, lime juice and cilantro; mix thoroughly.
2. Season guacamole to taste with salt and pepper. Serve with tortilla chips.

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