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Impossible Chorizo Tamales

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Impossible Chorizo Tamales

Executive Chef Derek Ivancic
Bon Appetit Management Co. at Case Western Reserve University

In a recipe contest sponsored by Bon Appetit Management Co. and Impossible Foods, chef Derek Ivancic won the grand prize for these tamales. The goal of the contest was to think outside the burger box, using a new formulation of the plant-based meat to expand it into other applications. This recipe combines the product with Latin seasonings to create a tamale filling that tastes very much like classic chorizo.



4 oz. butter, at room temperature

1 tsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. baking powder

1½ cups masa corn flour

1 cup salt-free vegetable stock

10 corn husks, soaked in hot water

Chorizo filling

2 tsp. kosher salt

2¾ tbsp. white vinegar

2¾ tbsp. cold water

2½ tsp. paprika

1¾ tsp. crushed red pepper

1¾ tsp. granulated garlic

½ tsp. dry Mexican oregano

¼ tsp. ground black pepper

2 lb. plant-based burger mixture


  1. Prepare tamales: In mixer at high speed, whip butter to light texture, about 2 minutes. In separate bowl, combine masa, salt and baking powder. Add stock, mixing until rough dough forms.
  2. With mixer on medium speed, add half the masa mix to butter in bowl, beating to incorporate. Add remaining masa mix; dough should be soft and slightly sticky.
  3. Prepare filling: In large bowl, mix well vinegar, cold water, paprika, red pepper, garlic, oregano and pepper. Add burger mix; blend well.
  4. In each husk, spread 2 ounces masa down center in an even layer. Top with 2 ounces chorizo mixture. Wrap corn husk around masa and chorizo.
  5. Fold or tie ends of husks and steam over simmering water for 1 hour. Serve with choice of salsas and toppings.

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