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Tartines with Orange-Honey Mascarpone

IngredientsCheese, Honey
Menu PartAppetizer/Small Plate
Cuisine TypeItalian
Tartines Orange-Honey Mascarpone

Chef Tamara Westerhold

Cherubina Catering

Petaluma, Calif.

These tartines, a fancy name for crostini or cheese toasts, require only six simple ingredients, and the result is a quick but impressive-looking canape for a holiday table. Chef Tamara Westerhold relies on this easy recipe when she preps for parties through her company, Cherubina Catering.


4 slices sourdough or French baguette

3/4 cup mascarpone cheese

1 tbsp. grated orange zest

2½ tbsp. honey, divided

Chopped toasted pistachios

Mini dark chocolate chips

Pinch of salt


1. Lightly toast bread slices. In medium bowl, mix cheese, orange zest, 2 tablespoons honey, toasted pistachios, chocolate chips and salt until well blended. 

2. Slather a generous amount of cheese mixture on each slice of toasted bread; drizzle a little honey on top. Serve immediately.

Photo courtesy of National Honey Board

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