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The watchdog agency says White "Hooters Girls" were hired before Black waitresses when a unit restaffed as the COVID crisis eased.

The burger chain told workers outside of California and Oregon that they are not allowed to wear masks on the job.

About 31,000 requests for aid were rejected for being invalid or outright fraudulent, according to the SBA. Now it's investigating 720 RRF grants that may be bogus.

Donald Finley, former operator of the now-defunct Jekyll & Hyde theme restaurant, acknowledged that he misused funds from 29 federal loans.

Big city downtowns may never be the same. But smaller communities are booming, creating new opportunities for operators.

The owners of Rockstar Dough LLC and Chicken Feed LLC face charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

The fast-food Mexican chain has petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to end Taco John’s registration for the Taco Tuesday trademark, which it has owned for years.

The Bottom Line: The fast-food giant has added about $1 million in revenue per store over the past five years and valuations remain high. Yet that period has been marked by some of the worst franchise relations in company history.

Multiconcept operator Besim Kukaj used his $1.5 million loan to buy luxury items, feds say.

Another $75 million was found for hotels. The money is intended to ease a transition from survival to sustained recovery.

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