High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods is the foodservice industry’s premier seafood company, offering Icelandic Seafood Brand, American Pride Seafood Brand, FPI® Brand and Viking Brand products. Our core brands give us the unique ability to serve our customers with a variety of processed and unprocessed seafood that meets their diverse needs. With innovative, award-winning seafood, High Liner Foods is at the forefront of the latest culinary trends. Our broad portfolio is shaped by consumer insights and is complemented by an unwavering dedication to providing excellent service and consistently superior customer satisfaction.

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Not your traditional barbecue

Barbecue’s spicy, sweet and savory flavors can pair perfectly with alternative proteins, creating an opportunity for operators to offer customers a healthier, leaner—yet still delicious—option.


One fish, four dishes: How Alaskan pollock can streamline the menu

Check out these five ideas for dishes that operators can make from one fish—tasty Alaskan pollock.

As more consumers clamor for fish, there’s an opportunity for operators to expand their menu and increase sales with seafood-heavy bar snacks.

Download this white paper from High Liner to learn more about what consumers are looking for when it comes to seafood.

Operators today are mixing up menus by offering indulgent, rich seafood dishes, too—which are continuing to resonate with consumers of all types.

Gain inspiration from recent menu examples .

The rising popularity of all-day breakfast service is driving demand for heartier fare that incorporates proteins like seafood.

While wild caught seafood is often the preferred option for sustainability, taste and value, the truth is that fish that is aquacultured, or farmed, is just as safe, healthy and delicious.

Health-conscious diners are turning to seafood as a better-for-you alternative to beef, pork and chicken.

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