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Land O'Lakes Foodservice

Land O'Lakes Foodservice

Brands and insights matter.
The LAND O LAKES brand represents our 90-year heritage as a farmer-owned cooperative and unmatched reputation for high-quality, natural and flavorful dairy products. With a 99% awareness and 85% usage rate, our brand can be leveraged to help build patron loyalty, increase traffic and boost check averages to support your business growth.

Our Heritage Helps Build Your Business
The LAND O LAKES brand has been part of cherished family traditions and memorable food moments at home for generations. Our brand delivers the goodness of real dairy to your patrons, while also helping streamline your back-of-house operation. With our heritage of quality, strong brand awareness and an unmatched reputation for delicious dairy products, the LAND O LAKES brand on your table or menu instantly communicates simple goodness, made simple.

Quality Commitment
As a farmer-owned cooperative, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence with a tightly-controlled supply chain to ensure the fresh taste and premium quality that have come to define the LAND O LAKES brand. Serving LAND O LAKES® products shows your patrons that they are being served the very best.

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