Litehouse Foodservice

Litehouse Foodservice

Delivering the freshest products to you for more than 50 years

Our Litehouse refrigerated produce dressings offer the best quality, value and freshness you can buy. No preservatives, no MSG, nothing artificial, and made with 100% Canola oil ...just a great fresh taste for your fresh salad.

The Hawkins family started selling their homemade dressings out of the family's restaurant in Hope, Idaho over 50 years ago.  In 2006, the family sold the company to its employees.  Every person at Litehouse has the same passion and commitment to bring your family the very best products available.

Please give us a try.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  From our family to yours. 

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It's the extras that count

Across the board, consumers continue to seek out customizable options and bold flavor on menus. Offering guests a choice of unique, flavorful dressings and condiments can be an easy way for operators to meet both of these needs.


Attracting health-conscious diners with clean-label LTOs

By offering an LTO, operators can enjoy the convenience of trying out new ingredients or flavors without worrying about long-term success.

Today’s diners are more conscious than ever about the foods they eat—what they’re made of, but more importantly, what they’re not made of.

For today’s consumers, menu transparency is no longer optional. Diners of all ages demand to be informed about what’s in their food and where it came from.

Salad bars and customizable salad platforms have put this healthy, popular menu category in the customer’s hands, but don’t forget the power of the salad that’s designed by the chef.

Reinvented salad bars are more on-trend than ever, offering the ultimate in customization, value, fresh appeal and the ability to build repeat business.

One easy way operators can do more with less is by creating craveable sauces that can be used across all menu parts for flavor without fuss.

While consumers focus on clean eating at home, diners are increasingly interested in meals that include all-natural ingredients when they’re eating out as well.