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Cybersecurity requires the right partner

Cybersecurity is an ongoing challenge for restaurants. Operators who do not prioritize security risk their valuable information that is likely to get hacked.


A case for in-house delivery

Delivery and speed are the top components of efficiency in this marketplace. Because of this restaurants such as the have a leg up when it comes to delivery.

Data protection is paramount to upholding a restaurant’s most important assets. How much do they know about the products/services their security vendor provides?

PDQ POS is able to assign, track and measure delivery services—down to the sales generated on a given day by each driver—so that the customer knows exactly how drivers are performing, at which time of day and on what delivery routes.

One way to circumvent the margin loss from online ordering and delivery is to use a provider like PDQ POS, which offers PDQ Online Ordering (OO), a native, built-in online-ordering platform that can be used standalone or in concert with any third party service.

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