RATIONAL is the world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for professional kitchens.

For over 50 years, RATIONAL has focused on providing unparalleled cooking solutions, delivering outstanding and consistent food quality, automated work processes, and high potential savings by optimizing space, labor, energy, and yield.

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RATIONAL at NRA Show 2024

Chicago (May 10, 2024) – RATIONAL is excited to announce its participation at this year's National Restaurant Association Show, where it will showcase the iVario and iCombi, two of its innovative, int...


May Innovation Inspire at the NRA 2024

A presentation and interview with Chef Aaron May at NRA Show 2024 Sunday, May 19, 12 PM & 2 PM: RATIONAL Booth 4840 Chicago (May 10, 2024) – Join us for an unforgettable culinary demonstrat...

Saving on labor, food and overhead costs has always been a priority for restaurant operators, but in recent years—with tighter competition and other challenges—it’s never been more important. When con...

Food safety has never been more prevalent. In recent years, consumers have increasingly prioritized sanitation and cleanliness. When dining out, they rightfully expect that the food they order is cook...

Labor challenges are ongoing for restaurants in all segments. Whether operators are having trouble finding trained employees or are facing difficulty with retention, the outcome is the same—stressed w...

In order to be successful, ghost kitchen operators need to consider the best strategies for their actual kitchens—including how to cook for multiple brands in the same kitchen.

How using data, delivery partners and the right equipment can ensure order fulfillment without overwhelming the kitchen.

While increased traffic in a key reason to develop new menu items, there are a number of benefits to offering new menu items and LTOs.