Server Products is a leading, progressive manufacturer of serving, holding and dispensing equipment for foodservice operations. Its product lines include portion control pumps, food warmers and dry food dispensers that are designed for durability, safety and food quality. Server’s line of products is created to help operators navigate the future of foodservice. Backed by decades of experience, Server takes a progressive approach to the creation of intelligent point-of-use equipment to optimize both user understanding and operational productivity. Led by the values of their founder Alfred Wickesberg, Server is committed to delivering true customer solutions via breakthrough innovation, intuitive simplicity and inspired design.

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Convenient Solutions for Safe Condiment Dispensing

When it comes to condiments for foodservice, there are clear solutions that satisfy consumer needs and increase condiment serving efficiency for restaurant staff.


Customers Demand Touchless Experiences

While states and individual restaurants are varied in their approach to reopening, many customers agree on what makes them feel comfortable when ordering takeout from or dining at a restaurant.

Investing in touchless restaurant technology is a critical step in ensuring safety within a foodservice establishment.

While the future feels uncertain for most restaurants, consumers have clear expectations about what will make them feel safe when ordering from or dining at a restaurant.

To make sure that food quality is high, operators must not only use fresh, premium ingredients but also prepare the food in safe ways.

How operators can boost sustainability efforts both front and back of house.