Customers Demand Touchless Experiences

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While states and individual restaurants are varied in their approach to reopening, many customers agree on what makes them feel comfortable when ordering takeout from or dining at a restaurant. With consumers saying that cleanliness and sanitation are the top consideration when selecting a restaurant, even more so than in May of 2020, access to hand sanitizer, regularly sanitized surfaces, single-use items and touchless experiences will remain the status quo for the future [1]. The United States has seen a 20% increase in preference for contactless operations [2], with numerous industries adapting to this change. And there are numerous areas within a restaurant that customers expect to be touchless in order to feel safe and comfortable.

Contactless Payment

For U.S. consumers, the ability to make contactless payment is a priority, with 61% of consumers saying they now prefer to make purchases from businesses that accept contactless payment [3]. Restaurants have risen to the challenge in numerous ways, from offering payment options at the table to offering mobile payment options like Google Pay. As of November 2020, 45% of Americans prefer to view the menu, order, and pay with their phone rather than interact with waitstaff during COVID-19, and 40% want to continue doing so once the pandemic is over [4]. With COVID-era behaviors informing how customers will act in the future, many operators are investing in long-term contactless solutions. Contact-free payment is estimated to grow up to $6 trillion worldwide by 2024, from about $2 trillion in 2020 [5]. 

Touchless Bathrooms

One area where consumers almost unanimously agree is in their desire for touchless bathrooms. Ninety-one percent of Americans believe it’s extremely or somewhat important that public restrooms are equipped with touchless fixtures [6]. While clean bathrooms were a priority for diners before the pandemic, 60% say that their preference for touchless handwashing fixtures has risen a great deal since the pandemic.

Touchless Condiments

Consumers also express interest in touchless solutions for dispensing condiments when dining in restaurants. When considering which restaurant to choose, 55% of consumers say that not sharing condiment bottles is a requirement [7].

To bring the touchless experience to condiment dispensing, Server Products is offering three Touchless Express condiment pump styles. With both pouched and pour-in units, these dispensers are activated by holding a hand over its sensor to dispense any size portion up to one ounce without the fear of spreading contaminants. Touchless Express dispensers allow back-of-house staff or front-of-house customers to safely dispense condiments without using unsafe and wasteful single-use packets. Visit the Touchless Express website to see product details, find an online retailer or contact your Server Products sales rep.

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