McDonald's is ending its drive-thru AI test

The Chicago-based fast-food giant is ending its partnership with IBM on automated order-taking without an expansion. But McDonald’s still believes AI drive-thrus are in its future.


Thermometers say its time to give air conditioning its due

Restaurant Rewind: Never mind AI. Here's the technology that'll really matter, starting this week and continuing through the summer. This week's episode looks at the machinery's beginnings and a few moments when it brought change to the business.

The tech company is hoping to raise its share price to avoid being booted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The tech company will use the financing to expand its technology, which includes online ordering, payments and loyalty.

Discounts and order tracking can entice guests to use a restaurant’s app over a third party, according to new data from HungerRush.

Tech Check: As catering booms, more tech companies are offering restaurants the tools to do it themselves.

The partnership will allow the food hall delivery chain to scale up production as it looks to reach 90 locations by the end of 2025.

Tech Check: Retail trends are often a preview of what's to come for restaurants, but that may not be the case here.

Data and reporting are top priorities, while AI is an afterthought, according to new research from Olive Technologies.

Things like mobile ordering and digital loyalty programs are now table stakes for brands at the top of the Top 500. So what will separate the truly high-tech from the rest?

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