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Restaurant tech takes aim at the bottom line

Tech Check: Many attendees at this year’s National Restaurant Show are shopping for ways to protect their profits.


What restaurants can learn from Reddit, sneaker culture and FOMO

During a keynote speech at the National Restaurant Association Show, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said the growth of technology will cause consumers to crave an experience when they dine out.

Robots and AI will have a strong presence in the Tech Pavilion this year as operators look for solutions to labor and other challenges.

The tech company continues a streak of private-equity funding that has helped fuel its rapid growth.

Graves will be responsible for digital growth and other initiatives at the pizza chain.

Independent operators have struggled to make the model work, citing marketing challenges and the high cost of delivery.

It’s also rolling out voice ordering and the ability to use the Eats app at sports stadiums.

Independent operators say the delivery-only business is more difficult than it’s cracked up to be. Their challenges have led providers to rethink their strategy.

The company has not paid for months’ worth of work done on its delivery-only food trailers, JLL alleged.

The tool adds to the data company's existing guest satisfaction reporting for restaurants.

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