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Make sure guests stay happy with all-day snacking.

For the modern hotel guest, three meals a day simply isn’t the norm. Today’s customers eat additional snacks at least once a day, and sometimes more.


Stand out by putting a spin on popular flavors

Adding unique and exciting flavors to the menu can increase appeal and differentiate from competitors.

The jury is in—U.S. consumers have a growing appetite for all things protein. They are incorporating more and more protein into their diets, as they see it as an essential nutrient to maintain healthy weight and high energy levels according to the 2016 IFC Food and Health Survey. 

Home is where the heart is – and, often, the palate. Whether it’s barbecue in Kansas City, deep dish pizza in Chicago, key lime pie in Florida or any other geographically-based fare, favorite foods in many parts of the country are deeply rooted in local culture.

Dining at resorts and hotels has come a long way. No longer is a continental breakfast all that a guest can expect to find during their stay, for instance.

So how can restaurants make sure they’re striking a balance between offering the familiar favorites some diners want, and the exciting, original and unique options others do? Here’s a few ways to do so.

Labor shortages aren’t a new problem. In fact, according to Technomic’s May 2019 Foodservice State of the Industry report, labor is becoming an ever-increasing pressure for operators, with 80% citing retaining qualified employees as their main concern.

Dining out offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy foods they might not eat on a regular basis.

Eating and enjoying food involves all of the senses—but does any one sense have a bigger impact than the others?

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