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Boost fried chicken sandwich sales with trending flavors

In terms of continued relevance, the fried chicken sandwich is hard to beat.


Streamlining the menu: How to save labor without sacrificing variety

The challenges of 2020 have forced many operators, both commercial and noncommercial, to reevaluate their menus and trim the offerings down to mostly customer favorites.

When operators want to update the menu, one thing can hold them back from getting creative— the fear that customers will resist unfamiliar options.

Beyond attracting younger consumers, why is it so important to offer a unique menu?

Sausage is one of those versatile and flavorful ingredients that’s edging its way onto plates all across the menu. Restaurant operators are turning to this savory choice for not only traditional breakfast times, but all day long.

When it comes to flavor combinations, restaurants need to balance uniqueness with familiarity, according to Technomic’s 2017 Flavor Consumer Trend Report. One surefire way to ensure consumer dema...