The 15 most scathing restaurant reviews of 2014

It's not just Yelpers that chefs and restaurant owners must deal with: Paid, professional restaurant critics are at large all over the dining landscape, and sometimes they're less than enamored with their restaurant experiences. As per annual tradition, Eater takes a look at some of the year's most scathing restaurant reviews, the takedowns that provided the most entertaining reads (or, if you're a restaurant owner, the most nights of fretful sleep).

This year, critics filed hyperbolic negative reviews from Montreal to San Francisco to London, with many claiming to have suffered through the worst meals of their professional lives. But no restaurant sustained a prolonged critical beat-down more than New York City's revamped Tavern on the Green. After the critical onslaught hit in June — which saw the restaurant earn a collective 1.5 stars over four reviews — chef Katy Sparks departed in September. Other nightmare reviews including Philadelphia's Avance, La Maison in Miami, and Chino Chinatown in Dallas.

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