Apple-based POS system


I'm opening a counter-service restaurant and am interested in an Apple-based POS. Are you aware of any companies making them?

– Bill Fletcher, Owner, BBQ Billy’s, Brooklyn, NY


As a Mac lover for my personal computing, I am sympathetic to your question. As I am sure you have noticed, the vast majority of POS products run on Windows operating systems. At first glance this may sound frustrating for a Mac user but consider two key points before you get too discouraged:

  1. If it’s the hardware you love, Macs can run Windows.
  2. A POS usually runs on designated terminals and a designated server for best security and functionality. So, even if you are not a PC guy, your POS computer is likely to be a POS and nothing else.

There are a few POS vendors who advertise software that runs on Apple’s operating system. Ben Harrison, from POSLavu, which offers a POS system specifically for Apple devices including iPads and iPhones and recommends an all Apple setup says, “We feel very confident setting our customers up with Apple hardware to run our software. Many people see Apple products as great for apps and games and creating video and music, but Apple products are developed to be stable and secure which makes them good for business applications as well. Apple has strict guidelines and detailed testing. What this means is that developers (including us) must pass through rigorous testing to make sure their products are solid.”

My advice is to set your operating system preference aside at first. Start with your goals—what do you want your POS system to be able to do? Move to service—what sort of training, programming and support would make you most comfortable? And then go to value—who can offer you what you need at a price you can handle? If it’s an Apple application, great! If not, you will be getting what you need to best run your new restaurant.