Mat Snapp

Tom Kha Gai

Le Thai, Las Vegas

This soup requires no spoon, only a bib. Every time I go I swear that I will finally finish a full round of coconut kaffir gin cocktails I’ve had in my notebook since 2009. And every time, the slow-burning spice gets me. I fix that with a dozen Lucky Buddhas and leave my resolve for Asian cocktail R&D next to the empty bowls of ginger fried rice and Tom Kha Gai.

Eggs New Orleans

Lucile’s Creole Cafe, Denver

At the branch of this breakfast restaurant in Denver, the move is to get the house sausage gravy in place of homemade jam with Eggs New Orleans. Lucile’s has an andouille that’s good, but the Louisiana spicy sausage is better. Get a separate plate for the biscuits and let the sausage gravy mingle with the hollandaise a little at a time. I’ve been known to stand and stretch midmeal. It’s important to stay limber.

Kimchi Hot Dog

Koagie Hots, Houston

I ate a kimchi hot dog at Koagie Hots, a food truck in Houston, and immediately got in line again to have a second. On the second one I accidentally ate part of the paper boat. Insanely bright, bold vinegar and crunch. Silly good.