Robert Wiedmaier

Italian Submarine

White House Sub Shop, Atlantic City, N.J.

After I visit my restaurant in Atlantic City and before I leave to go back to Washington, I stop at the original White House Sub Shop on Arctic Avenue to grab three Italian cold cut subs with all the trimming. I eat one on the road and, hopefully, the other two make it home for my family. The sandwich is authentic, with a load of quality meats, and they bake their own bread. The best!

Pork Burrito and Bean Dip

New Mecca Cafe, Pittsburg, Calif.

I’ve been going to this family-owned restaurant for decades, and this remains one of my favorite dishes of the year. The burrito at New Mecca is filled with pork shoulder that is perfectly braised, and the ratio of rice to pork is spot on.

Fried Calamari

Jerry’s Place, Prince Frederick, Md.

The very best around, especially in southern Maryland. The fresh squid has the lightest coating and is expertly fried. The restaurant’s owner, Jerry, works the floor every service and is the nicest guy—it’s a real family business.