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3 ways to maximize ROI on entertainment in the restaurant

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Restaurateurs are pulling out all the stops to make on-premise dining thrive again—and for many, this has meant adding or enhancing their entertainment options in the restaurant. Dining room TVs are no longer reserved for sports bars and game days; operators of all stripes are increasing their tech budgets to compete.

Minding the margins, however, is as pressing as ever. In order to see a great ROI on tech and entertainment additions, finding affordable solutions that cater to diners’ preferences is key.

Lingering longer

Televisions in the dining room are a great way to enhance diner experiences and encourage repeat customers—diners can watch shows and music videos, catch up on the news or cheer on their favorite sports team while enjoying a great meal. The potential value of onsite entertainment goes beyond the programming itself, however.

For example, when consumers are engaged with entertainment in the restaurant, they’ll be more likely to linger at their tables and order another round of drinks or appetizers in the meantime. What’s more, entertainment can help keep diners occupied when the restaurant is dealing with longer wait times for seating or food—an especially prominent challenge for understaffed operations.

For many diners, entertainment plays a central role in establishing a fun, relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant. According to Technomic’s Q4 2021 Quarterly Consumer & Operator Outlook Report, interior ambiance and atmosphere are important to over half of consumers—with 38% saying music is important, 31% saying tech amenities are important and 28% saying televisions are important.

In short, entertainment can be a major differentiating factor in competing for patronage and encouraging repeat customers.

Finding the right fit

There’s no one-size-fits-all entertainment solution for restaurants; each operation has its own unique consumer base and personality. Therefore, seeking tailored solutions that fit the restaurant—and the budget—is a key step to success.

That’s where Loop TV comes in. Loop TV offers customized streaming entertainment that’s not just affordable—it’s free, including hardware. Featuring music videos, trending news, extreme sports, funny fails and more, the ad-supported service comes in the form of the Loop Player, a pocket-sized player that needs nothing more than a screen, a power source and an internet connection to get going. What’s more, some business owners who play Loop TV’s ad-supported channels are eligible to redeem cash back at the end of every month.

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