Disney World Food Trucks

Bringing food trucks into Disney World represents a shift in food culture. Disney recognized the trend toward on-the-go eating, and it also saw that mainstream America has embraced food trucks. To capitalize on that, they created their own branded, mobile dining destinations: four themed food trucks. Often more approachable than restaurants, these nontraditional food venues present the opportunity to bring more dollars into the park. At a place like Disney, full of parents needing to feed their kids cheaply and quickly, food trucks present a speedy, alternate dining option. But don’t expect uninspired food tailored to children. While hand-dipped corn dogs are on the menu, international fare such as pierogis and regional specialties such as lobster rolls also make the cut. For the adults, wine by the glass—with suggested food pairings—also is offered. The brightly colored trucks currently roam Downtown Disney, and even head into the park during peak times.   

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