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Quality, artisanal cheese offers value, variety and versatility

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Consumers are looking for more than just the best price when they choose where to dine. According to Technomic’s recent Value and Pricing Consumer Trend Report, 76% of consumers say that value is an important part of the decision-making process when deciding where to dine, and 34% say they are seeking higher-quality menu options at foodservice now versus two years ago. Rather than simply the lowest price, diners look for what could be referred to as total value—quality foods offered for a fair price.

Amid this shift in what consumers consider to be a good value, the pandemic not only caused a spike in delivery and takeout orders, but also a spike in consumer interest in comfort foods and indulgent options.

For operators, the value proposition combined with consumer interest in comforting foods means there’s more opportunity to source high quality, artisanal ingredients for the menu, and what better area to give an upgrade to than dishes that feature cheese?

Menu variety

High quality cheeses, such as those from Caputo Cheese, are perfect for adding variety and indulgence to the menu. Burrata, for instance, has been on the rise on menus—mentions of specialty pizzas made with burrata are up 22% since last year, but it’s also being used more in other dishes and in creative ways, such as desserts including Strawberry Buratini Shortcake. With its creamy, neutral flavor, it’s a perfect addition to an array of menu items, from pasta, to flatbreads, sweets and more.


But variety isn’t the only thing operators look for when sourcing ingredients, of course. Versatility is also key. Burrata is often on menus in larger portions—perfect for shareable appetizers and entrees. But with the uptick in off-premise orders, many operators may be hesitant to feature the rich cheese on their menu. Enter Buratini from Caputo Cheese—smaller-sized Burrata, available in packages of six individually wrapped portions. Perfect for single-serving entrees and smaller-format menu items, they offer the quality and flavor consumers love in a versatile value pack for operators.

Artisan quality means a great value for consumers and operators alike

By sourcing fine Italian cheeses from makers dedicated to using the highest quality dairy and infusing old-world taste in every bite, restaurant operators can feel confident in the dishes they offer. What’s more, by highlighting that quality on their menu—how the cheeses are made, the longevity of the manufacturer, etc.—it signals to consumers that they’re purchasing and eating a superior product, which can raise their perception of the value.

Caputo Cheese is proud to offer an array of superior cheeses at competitive prices. From Parmigiano Reggiano to ricotta to Burrata and of course, convenient and delicious Buratini, operators have an endless selection of artisanal ingredients to choose from.

To learn more about Burrata, Buratini and more from Caputo Cheese, visit www.caputocheese.com.

This post is sponsored by Caputo


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