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Spicy condiments kick up the flavor, drive sales

Photograph: Shutterstock

Spicy condiments are hot in more ways than one. Consumers are seeking bold flavors from around the world that allow them to experience new flavor sensations, and restaurants can leverage this trend by creating signature sauces and condiments with a spicy kick.

Fifty percent of consumers overall prefer very spicy sauces, according to Technomic’s recent Flavor Consumer Trend Report, and the trend is even more pronounced among millennials (59%) and men (58%).

Add to that the fact that 59% of consumers say they try new menu items to discover new flavors, and the stage is set for operators to experiment with creative condiments that deliver new and robust taste sensations.

Condiments that deliver these new experiences can help differentiate restaurant menus and can also command a higher price, thus helping drive up check averages for operators.

Check out some examples of spicy condiment creations that consumers will pay extra for:

  • Spicy Sriracha Marinara: Combine four parts marinara sauce with one part CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce to create an on-trend dip for deep-fried mozzarella or zucchini sticks, chicken tenders, onion rings or french fries, or as a topping for a chicken or eggplant parmesan sandwich.
  • Texas Pete® Chicken Dippin’ Sauce: For another signature appetizer dip that’s easy to prepare and delivers the spicy kick guests are seeking, combine a half cup of mayo with a quarter cup of ketchup, two tablespoons of Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce and a half teaspoon of black pepper. This sauce is ideal for chicken tenders, but can serve as an option for a variety of appetizers, sides and entrees.
  • Texas Pete® Dipping Trio: Leverage consumer interest in flavor experimentation and customization with three spicy options: Sabor Ketchup (one cup ketchup, two tablespoons ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce, two cloves minced garlic, and juice from half of a lime); Sriracha Aioli (one cup mayo, two tablespoons CHA! By Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce, and juice from one lime); and Texas Pete® Ranch (one cup ranch dressing and two tablespoons Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce).

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