IFDA, FMI Divide Future Productivity Conferences

IFDA will launch "The Foodservice Distribution Conference & Expo," Oct. 15-17, 2006, in Atlanta, GA, while FMI will launch "Productivity Plus: Logistics Solutions Conference," Oct. 8-10, 2006, in Charlotte, NC.

In a statement, the organizations said this decision reflects the continuing and compelling need to provide targeted, high-quality education in specialized creative forums that more closely match the business requirements of the respective members.

"It is the natural and logical evolution of this important event to customize our conferences to meet the specific needs of our members," said Jack Block, executive vice president, Wholesale Division, FMI.

"We are pleased to pursue new opportunities designed to focus on those issues that are most relevant to our members with programs tailored to their requirements," said IFDA President Mark Allen.

The current co-hosting relationship between IFDA and FMI is a carryover event from when foodservice distributors were part of Food Distributors International (FDI). When FDI merged with FMI, IFDA established itself as an independent organization.


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