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Crystal Lake is a Clear Leader for Business

City of Crystal Lake

When it comes to new business success, Crystal Lake is the clear leader. Crystal Lake, Illinois, a northwest Chicago suburban community of 40,000, has quickly translated the demand for new business into growth across multiple areas including retail, healthcare, fitness facilities, housing, and restaurants.

A vital and beautiful community, Crystal Lake offers wonderful quality of living with its namesake lake, Three Oaks Recreation Area, excellent schools, a charming and vibrant downtown with easy train access to Chicago.

The Crystal Lake community welcomes new business and the City consistently makes it easier for new businesses to open, expand, and succeed. The City provides a high level of service to embrace businesses, from site selection assistance to incentives to marketing. That helps it attract top tier brands and develop local talent. Last year, residents and visitors spent more than $145 million at restaurants in Crystal Lake. According to the Illinois Department of Revenue, Crystal Lake had more than $1.4 billion in retail sales overall, which landed the community a spot on the list of top cities for retail sales in the Chicago metro area.

Businesses thrive in Crystal Lake. Mayor of Crystal Lake Haig Haleblian says “businesses that open in Crystal Lake continue to choose this community time after time”.

Currently, Crystal Lake is home to a blend of national, regional and local restaurants. Recent regional and national restaurant expansions in Crystal Lake include Raising Cane’s, Summer Moon Coffee, McAlister’s Deli, Crumbl Cookies, Guzman y Gomez, Rookies All American Pub & Grill, and Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers.

In addition to regional and national fast casual dining brands, Crystal Lake is home to small business success stories. Local coffee roaster, Conscious Cup, opened as a small coffee shop in 2006 and is currently in the process of expanding the business and building a new headquarters, roasting facility and warehouse in the community. Mike Shipley, owner of Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters, says “We decided to locate and grow in Crystal Lake because it’s such an outstanding community. There is a great synergy between the community and the experience we have created, and that enabled us to get established and grow."

The City of Crystal Lake sees success across board—from small business to national retailers to restaurants—there are ample opportunities to grow as a business. Crystal Lake is constantly pushing forward with a business-friendly philosophy. Crystal Lake is the clear leader for restaurant success.

The City is always looking to attract new restaurants and retailers. If you are interested in learning more about available opportunities, check out ClearlyCrystalLake.com or contact the City of Crystal Lake at (815) 356-3737 or via email at economicdevelopment@crystallake.org.

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