McDonald’s debuts a clothing line, tongue firmly in cheek

McDonald’s took an unusual tack this week in its quest for greater relevance to consumers, slating 24 publicity stunts and high-profile media events in 24 hours within 24 cities worldwide. The promotional push was called ImLovinIt24.

The grabs at attention ranged from a Ne-Yo concert in Los Angeles to the launch of a line of Big Mac-themed clothing and home goods in Europe. A giant ball crawl was created in Sydney, Australia to look like a giant McDonald’s coffee cup, and elsewhere consumers were challenged to navigate a maze and assemble a giant jigsaw puzzle.

The burger-adorned pajamas, rain slickers, boots and pillowcases are being sold globally via a Swedish-language retail website called Big Mac Shop, but the e-commerce site does not currently ship to the United States.

AdWeek characterized ImLovinIt24 as “goofy antics.” But just the clothing line alone has snagged 42 million online mentions, according to a Google search. 


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