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3 simple solutions for customers’ top problems

Don’t let these issues affect the bottom line
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When consumers dine out, they’re looking for a top-quality experience. But a great guest experience can hinge on small things that make a big impact—such as whether the tables are wobbly or stable. If a diner sits down to a wobbly table, their perception of the restaurant can immediately change, and their experience can be tainted. Rather than being excited about the meal to come and enjoying good company, they may worry about their drinks spilling or whether it’s safe to rest their arm on the table, lest something slide off.

Thankfully, problems such as these have easy fixes. Check out these ways to fix small front of house problems and improve the customer experience.

The customer service experience isn’t consistent

Chain restaurants are in constant competition with one another. From which one churns out more new and exciting menu options to which spots have the best service, one thing is true for all of them—they strive for consistency in the experience a diner has. For instance, coffee chains ensure each barista makes a certain drink the exact same way, whether someone orders it in southern Florida or northern Idaho—or anywhere in between.

Part of a great customer service experience includes friendly staff, and amidst staffing turnover and training demands, it can be difficult for chains to keep up and ensure consistency. One way they can do this is to implement mobile training and quizzes to ensure new employees are well-versed in store policies, menu changes and other things customers might inquire after. Another strategy for ensuring service consistency is training all staff on what to do in the event of a problem, such as what events are grounds for comping menu items, what should be done if there’s a problem with any orders, etc. By ensuring all staff knows of and performs the same response, operators can feel confident that customers will get the same great experience no matter what location they visit.

Customers hate wobbly tables! 

You have them, and they hate them. They will kill your brand no matter how good the menu or ambiance. Don't let your tables torpedo your business. Time to fix it permanently! Sign up for our limited time FREE NO RISK OFFER to see the difference FLAT can make. 


Staff can’t clear tables fast enough during a rush

During busy periods, such as the lunch rush or peak dinner service, it can be difficult for bussers to turn over tables fast enough, leading to a backup of diners waiting for tables. This can become stressful for restaurant hosts, and it can also crowd the entryway, which can be a problem.

Rather than using one bin for bussing, an easy way to expedite clearing tables is to use a cart and have bussers clear off several tables at once as a team. With this method, one person can clear the dishes, another can wipe down the table and a third person (or the server for that section) can lay down new flatware and napkins.

By streamlining the process of bussing multiple tables, there’s less back-and-forth between the front and back-of-house, so diners get seated faster, which keeps business moving during busy times.

The tables aren’t stable

If tables aren’t level, or if the floor underneath tables isn’t completely flat, the tables can wobble. This issue can create a bunch of problems for staff and business owners that are having to comp drinks and meals and while making a great dining experience. But it also affects a customer’s perception of the restaurant. After all, if attention seemingly isn’t paid to something as crucial as the tables in a restaurant, what else is being overlooked?

Don’t let diners think that way—with FLAT® table bases, tables automatically adjust to the surface underneath them, making wobbling a thing of the past. Using a patented hydraulic technology, the table’s feet adjust to the floor, adapting to uneven surfaces and locking into position until another move. No matter where the tables are placed, FLAT table bases stabilize and help ensure that diners will never have to worry about an uneven table (or spilling drinks or sliding plates of food) again.

For locations with existing wobbly tables, operators can gain peace of mind by installing FLAT Equalizers. Equalizers replace a table’s existing screw in feet and stabilize the table following a gentle press on the tabletop. Chains are adopting FLAT to improve the customer experience, reduce health and safety risks, improve operations, increase productivity and protect their brands.

Front of house problems can contribute to a bad customer experience, but thankfully, there are easy fixes for just about everything. Chains can request a sample or trial of FLAT products, visit https://www.flattech.com/us/request-a-sample/.

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