Restaurant trends we wish would go away

From freak shakes to food halls, here are the industry trends RB editors want to disappear.
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By definition, trends tend to be fleeting. Here are some current restaurant industry trends RB editors would like to see disappearing in the rearview mirror sooner than later.

Freak shakes and Instagrammable food

We got it. Towering shakes bolstered with everything from pretzels to porkchops makes them Instagram-worthy, but the novelty is wearing thin. Places will hopefully realize that customers want to eat what they’re served and not just engage in excess for the sake of gawkers. —Peter Romeo

I know that food needs to be visually appealing for marketing purposes, but why are we hearing more about the Instagrammability than things like taste? (Speaking of Instagrammable food, glitter has zero place in any food or beverage. I don’t care how cool the sparkly pic is.)  —Sara Rush Wirth

Fake meat plant-based burgers with highly processed ingredients.

—Patricia Cobe

Collagen as an ingredient

Promoting collagen in food and pretending it doesn’t sound super gross (no matter what the health benefits are). —S.R.W.

Food halls.

—Jonathan Maze

Anything-goes comfort animal policies

No longer will customers be able to wrap something red around a hamster and declare it a service animal. Restaurants will follow the lead of airlines in exercising common sense about what critters are allowed in dining rooms because of the assistance they supposedly provide. Laws might even be adjusted to ease the way. —P.R.

Bacon in everything.

—Heather Lalley

Loud restaurants

(Due to music, poor acoustics or the owner’s wish to be cool.) —P.C.

Too many apps 

Running out of phone space! You don’t need an app! —H.L.

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