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Is your restaurant ready for the Friday night rush?

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It’s Friday, a few hours from the dinner service you simultaneously love and hate. The restaurant will almost certainly be slammed. With the surge in traffic comes a slew of operational questions, not to mention a frantic, exhausting stretch. Are there enough employees on shift? Enough burger patties in stock? All the big-brand bottled beer needed to make that week’s usual sales and profits? What are those “usual” sales and profits, anyway?

It’s the knife-edge restaurateurs straddle with trepidation. Most are still basing their answers on their gut feelings and a rough recollection of past patterns—“We were slammed two Fridays ago, and this feels a lot like that one. The weather’s the same, anyways!”

But they won’t know how accurate their expectations might be until the night is over and the chance to maximize business has passed. With this lack of planning and insight comes missed opportunities and money left on the table.

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How a cloud-based restaurant management software solution can help streamline everything

Restaurant management is a big job—one that can be frustrating and difficult at times. With comprehensive restaurant management software that takes into account the biggest challenges restaurant operators face—labor, food cost, accurate reporting, scheduling and more—operators no longer have to leave everything to chance. By housing all relevant data in one functional, easy-to-use platform, Restaurant365 gives operators the freedom to get everything done in less time, with increased accuracy. Gone is the guesswork surrounding who to have on schedule for a busy Friday shift, and operators no longer have to worry about making sure invoices are input and paid one-by-one.

Rather than keeping each function separate, Restaurant365’s software keeps everything together, making managers’ and operators’ jobs easier, and freeing up their time to do other things.

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