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Consumer Trends

What can the restaurant industry expect in 2018?

The editors of Restaurant Business venture some guesses.


Robots bring precision as they remove labor from LSR kitchens

Aimed to drive efficiency, cost cutting or just novelty, robotics are helping operators automate simple tasks.

From the first keynote speaker’s revelation that Tesla has plans to drive into the restaurant space, surprising comments and implications kept FSTEC attendees’ ears and eyes open.

The three winners of Restaurant Business’ 2017 Tech Accelerator Awards are using technology to revolutionize their business models and reshape the customer experience.

The point is that sometimes people want to be like—and liked by—others, and sometimes they want to be different. The topic relates to how health is being redefined.

A look at the largest franchisees in each region finds companies that are experts in their markets, and have local management and distribution to support franchisee stores.

Holistic approaches to health are increasingly driving meatless choices.

Those of us who have been watching the industry for a long time are still excited about fast casual and its future.

For its Catering Insights Program, Technomic interviewed sales reps and office administrators to dish on what they need from caterers for business events.

Music can help make or break a restaurant experience, so with help from Technomic, we found the top 10 casual-dining playlists.

Read up on a rundown of the fastest-growing large and small restaurant chains in each menu category.

Part of what makes fast casual a winning formula is the segment’s refusal to follow an all-things-for-all-people mentality.

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