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Labor group vows to disrupt NRA’s Public Affairs Conference

A group of restaurant workers backed by ROC United, a union-supported labor group, has vowed to disrupt the National Restaurant Association’s Public Affairs Conference tomorrow morning in Washington, D.C.

Enough with the kids. Chuck E. Cheese’s aims new menu at adults.

The pizza-and-games chain is looking to negate a different sort of veto vote.

Recent signs suggest a growing emphasis by restaurants on luxury.

A dissident investment group that included industry veterans Jim Stryker and Gene Baldwin failed to muster enough votes from fellow shareholders to force a change in control.

A new study finds another member of the family has an suspected influence on dining out. Wait until the cat finds out.

Stores in one of the industry’s largest (and some say most competitive) markets will feature new indulgences.

The quick-service chain will focus through spring and summer on five draws, including new tacos and flavorings.

In the stepped-up search for spicier options, several big players are trying ingredients that would warm a foodie’s heart—and stomach.

New rules for employee handbooks, a 21 percent price hike to cover higher wages and an employee-employer-guest discussion group are just some of the past week’s labor-related developments.

Fight for 15, the union-supported campaign for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, is planning another demonstration by quick-service restaurant workers on tax day, April 15, to push for higher wages and the unionization of the industry.

In the minimum wage debate, restaurateurs are losing the war of words. It’s time to flip the script.

Newness definitely figured into the choices. The compilation—the places aren’t ranked—includes 42 places that opened in 2014 and one that entered the business this year. California dominated with 22 restaurants.

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