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2016 RB/FSTEC Awards: Technical perfection

This year’s class of social media standouts found surprising ways to break through on popular platforms, reinvent their voice on established ones and gain footing in the “brand”-new worlds of Snapchat, Instagram and more.


5 ways tech can fuel target marketing

Facing competition from independents, chains find techie ways to sell their local appeal.

Following quarters of notable comps growth, the burger giant’s Q2 figures fell short.

The bakery chain alleges its then-employee created copies of sensitive documents he plans to share with the pizza brand.

Operators are finding ways to use Pokemon Go as a promotional tool, such as offering discounts to players and paying to be part of the game.

The initial cost dip may not be enough to alter purchasing habits or offset lasting damage, observers warn.

The New York City concept will offer specialty cereals and ice cream, and even has its sights set on delivery.

A proposal expected to be signed into law would permit some food to be provided at funeral homes.

Instead of offering cafes as an amenity to shoppers, the bookseller plans to turn full-service restaurants and bar service into a main traffic driver.

Kimbal Musk, a well-known figure in the farm-to-table movement, says the venture will sell grab-and-go items for under $5.

The rival chains took to social media to settle a burger dispute…and dragged with them.

According to a 2015 Zagat national dining trends survey, loud restaurants are a deal breaker for guests—noise is the No. 2 complaint (second to poor service).

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