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Growth trend: beards

How restaurants are addressing the growing beard trend.

TV ready

Dean Corbett hasn’t recorded an episode of “Secrets of Louisville Chefs” in years, but at least weekly, customers tell him, “‘I saw you on ‘Secrets’ yesterday, and you were so funny,” he says. The chef-owner of Corbett’s: An American Place, and Equus & Jack’s Lounge in Louisville appeared as a guest chef on the weekly show, now playing in reruns. “That staying power is the real beauty of having an actual show.”

No matter whether you’re an experienced restaurateur or just starting up, it’s smart to have ready access to a lawyer—or lawyers, especially as your business grows.

When even the smallest profit increases are major victories for restaurateurs, neglecting to examine fixed costs such as trash removal is like throwing away money, says Dean Corbett, owner of Corbett’s: An American Place and two other Louisville, Ky., restaurants.

Try these smart strategies for negotiating and managing trash removal.

One timeless but increasingly practiced solution is cross-utilizing ingredients across multiple menus and dayparts—something especially top-of-mind with the surging popularity of breakfast. Where concepts like Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Subway built their brands during P.M. hours, breakfast is the new weapon of choice as those concepts grapple for sunrise sales.