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S&D Coffee & Tea

S&D has been helping restaurateurs develop successful beverage strategies for decades — combining our industry leadership, deep experience and real-world market insights to deliver innovative solutions. Here you’ll find the resources, tools and information to help you grow profitably and serve customers better with S&D on your side.

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The Power of Personalization in Coffee

Coffee orders can be as varied and unique as the consumers ordering them. One consistent aspect, however, is that customization is now an essential part of the coffee experience.


Focusing on flavor: Iced tea trends and insights

Iced tea has become an American beverage staple, with 84% of restaurants offering it as a menu option.

All coffee served over ice is the same, right? Not when it comes comparing traditional iced coffee to cold brew coffee.

Beverage menus have evolved from a list of simple soft drinks to include new staples such as signature lemonades as well as innovative twists on classic iced teas and craft sodas.

The popularity of pumpkin-flavored foods and beverages remains steady, but what’s next?

For many consumers, the definition of healthy has shifted from meaning simply low calorie/low sugar to foods that have a higher transparency of ingredients.