Tokyo Joe’s tests a meal plan

tokyo joes exterior

The 35-unit Tokyo Joe’s Asian fast-casual chain is planning to test a “meal plan” that enables customers to order and pickup prepared meals for multiple days.

Patrons can spec the meals to fit specific dietary plans, like a high-protein/low-carb regimen, according to the Denver Business Journal.



Put this on your to-do list tomorrow. Let us do the Meal Prep for you this week in Colorado Springs at our Academy Rd....

Posted by Tokyo Joe's on Saturday, November 14, 2015


The move blurs the line between traditional restaurants and a new crop of services that ship meals in bulk to consumers’ homes or offer the big orders for takeout, like My Fit Foods.

It also could position Tokyo Joe’s as a more convenient alternative to meal-kit ventures like Blue Apron or HelloFresh, which send prepped ingredients that customers can assemble and heat into meals.

The test is being conducted in two units in Colorado Springs, Colo. 


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