Trend Watch: Poultry Pros Share What

Among the biggest trends they see impacting poultry R&D and menu development:
•    Left side of the menu moving right -- appetizers, sides and small meals gaining in importance.
•    Handheld items and retro dishes.
•    New poultry seasoning formulations to reduce sodium content.
•    Value-priced, casual-dining style chicken sandwiches.
•    Classics with a twist (i.e., chicken or turkey drumsticks replacing traditional veal shank in Osso Buco).
•    Great focus on cross-utilization – finding creative new ways to uses an item an operator already buys.
•    New menu items featuring boneless wings and low-cost boneless thighs (i.e., Sweet Citrus Glazed Chicken made from boneless thigh meat at 77 cents per serving).
•    Asian cuisines, including Indian and Thai, whose intense flavors and kicked up heat levels compensate for lower salt levels in chicken products.
•    Versatile thin-sliced chicken breast cutlets.
•    Pre-portioning ready-to-use poultry chunks/strips/filets for speedier service and more healthful portion sizes.
•    Pre-sliced, oven-roasted turkey strips that can be swapped out for chicken.
•    Regional chicken dishes (i.e., chicken breasts in a light wine sauce with crab meat become Chicken Chesapeake)

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