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Hiring, Training and Retaining Great Restaurant Staff

Whether you manage one or 100 locations, it’s important to know what makes the best staff successful and how to improve performance across the board at your operation. As a restaurant owner or operator, knowing how to hire and train employees is key to providing a top-notch customer experience, which ultimately drives guests back to your doors.

Server retention is a universal industry challenge—turnover rates can go as high as 60 percent. It’s also well-known that every employee in your restaurant is capable of bringing in $84,000 in revenue so long as they are performing at their best. Your servers are the face of your restaurant and have a direct impact on your bottom line, so a comprehensive management strategy includes the following:

  1. Measuring tenure: Meet with your tenured staff and understand what motivates them to stay. This way, you can learn how to keep—and motivate—other staff members.
  2. Conduct “exit interviews”: Leverage reasons employees are leaving to help you figure out the best practices for retaining the rest of your staff.
  3. Implement “stay interviews”: These are check-ins with your veteran staff that allow you to get a pulse on why they are happy or dissatisfied in their job.
  4. Identifying stressors: Talk to your staff regularly about their pain points and ask them how you can help.
  5. Keep communication open: The more open your lines of communication with your staff, the better able you are to provide them what they need to stay, long-term.

You work hard to create a good customer experience—and that means that great food, a stellar atmosphere and amazing service must come together. Since servers are the face of the customer experience, hiring, training, managing and retaining top front-of-house staff is essential. By developing a comprehensive and consistent training strategy, employees will better understand exactly how things are done at your restaurant, setting up your entire operation for success.

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