2014’s best & worst in burgers

This hasn’t been an easy year for all burger-joint operators—it’s tough to make a buck out there—but it has been great for burger lovers. So many great burgers and just 365 days to eat them all. And 2015 promises even better and ever more burgers. Here are some of the past year’s high- and lowlights:

  • Burger of the year: “Your” Burger

  • Burger chain of the year: Jack in the Box

  • Independent burger restaurant of the year: Burger Revolution, Belleville, Ont.

  • Burger of the year (international): McDonald’s European Beef Breed Burgers

  • Condiment of the year: Aïoli

  • Burger ad of the year: “Whopper Apartment," Burger King, Spain

  • Worst burger of the year: BLT Rotisserie Chicken Burger, Boston Market

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