Is martini diet the next fad?

Does a new book, "Martini Diet: A Weight-loss Guide for the Self-indulgent," portend a new diet fad, like Atkins and South Beach, also sparked by self-help diet books?


Loving underutilized cuts of red meat

To feed Americans’ never-ending appetite for beef, the cattle industry is making new and underutilized cuts more available to restaurateurs.

MONTEREY, CA (June 25)—Industry leaders will discussimplications of new research about produce's role in growing thefoodservice industry's business at...

The breakfast daypart is revved up and raring to go—just like those eaters who begin their day with an energizing morning meal.

Are you using cartoon characters to market not-so-healthy meals to kids? The First Lady would like you to stop.

NEW YORK - In a speech before members of the Institute of Food Technologists, the acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration summarized the...

Relatively unknown in the United States before the 1950s, vodka is now the best-selling spirit category.

In every dining venue consumers are seeking excitement on the plate. If you're not challenging your customers' taste buds with international ideas, you're probably losing sales to someone who is.

Although consumption of carbonated soft drinks fell last year and CSDs lost market share, the category is still effervescent.

Chef Jehangir Mehta reinvents the classic sundae for a growing segment of consumers.

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