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Premier Healthcare GPO Sets Quality, Safety Guidelines for Suppliers

All Premier contracted suppliers will be required to adhere to national standards set by government agencies and food safety organizations for entry into the...

Foodservice buyer: 2010 preview

Optimism is in the air as we look ahead to 2010, but product and menu developers are proceeding with caution.

Not every bar has a barkeep in muttonchops stirring up faithful versions of pre-Prohibition classics. Nor does every restaurant enjoy a steady supply of ingredients for “farm to glass” cocktails. But high-quality mixers can produce similar results.

When the first Europeans landed in America, the natives they encountered relied on three staple crops—corn, beans and squash—along with wild berries, fruits and other plants. Fishing and hunting filled out their meals.

Our team of experts talks about dessert essentials and what’s coming down the sugary pike.

Now that every nook and cranny has its own restaurant week, a growing number of locations are tweaking the formula to create a second promotional opportunity for local eateries.

Pressure to improve the healthfulness of kids meals and restaurant fare in general, along with the influence of the growing Asian, Hispanic, Boomer and Millennial population groups are among the factors that will shape the restaurant industry in 2012 and beyond, according to The NPD Group.

Bacon mania is about to reshape restaurants’ dessert and drink menus, but the dining world may yet be spared the likes of pork belly pie or bacon mojitos, suggests new research from Packaged Facts. The researcher attributes the bacon craze to consumers’ embrace of a “deep smoky flavor,” and predicts that’s the element likely to show up in treats and cocktails.

When it comes to finishing off a meal with something sweet, most restaurants offer a menu of familiar favorites. But within those favorites, pastry chefs and dessert pros allow themselves to get a bit adventurous.

When trendologists compiled their forecasts for 2013, several reports mentioned fermentation—and sour flavors in general—as tops for the coming year. Here's how they're showing up on menus.

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