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State of the Plate

Nancy Kruse

The monthly column from Menu Maven Nancy Kruse is part of RB’s extensive coverage of menu news and trends. The founder of The Kruse Co. provides her unique take on what’s going on at restaurants big and small every month.


Restaurants are turning everything into doughnuts

State of the Plate: Menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse examines the rapidly evolving doughnut, as chains big and small get innovative with the humble treat.


Filipino cuisine finally gets its day in the sun

State of the Plate: Filipino cuisine has long been predicted to be the "next big thing." RB's menu trends columnist says it finally may be happening.

Nancy Kruse: This month's look at restaurant menu trends examines the popularity of the plant-based beverage, which also shines in more sophisticated items like cakes.

Nancy Kruse: The CNIC Culinary Competition showcases top cooking talent from the U.S. Navy, which could be a fertile ground for restaurants looking for people experienced in a high-volume, high-pressure environment.

State of the Plate: Nancy Kruse dishes on the centuries-old item now being used in a variety of items, from hot dogs to beverages.

State of the Plate: Restaurant menu trends expert Nancy Kruse dishes on "dude food," as consumers' view of healthy shifts toward the meatier side of things.

State of the Plate: The daypart went dark during the pandemic, but customers are returning and chefs are inspired, with everything from Elote Mexican Street Corn Hash at First Watch to Chengdu Chicken and Waffles at Nue.

State of the Plate: Chefs at all levels are adding more crunch to items to give them contrasting textures, using everything from chia seeds to crispy chicken skin.

State of the Plate: Nancy Kruse talks about one of the biggest culinary comebacks of the last decade, and how chefs are finding more uses for it than ever.

State of the Plate: Restaurants are working with celebrities of all kinds, from Rick Bayless to Eminem. And more are on their way.

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