Baltimore restaurants could be required to warn diners about sugary drinks

soda pop coke glass

Restaurants in Baltimore may be required to post health warnings about sugary drinks ranging from soda to sweet tea per legislation being heard Tuesday by a city council committee, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

If the bill is passed, Baltimore will follow the lead of San Francisco, which later this summer will be become the first U.S. city to require health warnings tied to sugar-laden drinks. Unlike San Francisco’s measure, Baltimore’s would require such warnings to be included on restaurant menus, according to a report by WBAL 1090.

Local business reps say the legislation would be a blow to current businesses and make Baltimore less attractive to new ones, according to the Business Journal.

Sugary drink regulation has been a hot-button issue for a number of municipalities, as cities from Chicago to Boulder, Colo., have considered levying soda taxes in recent months.

Read the full story via the Baltimore Business Journal.


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