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New brands and flavors driving hard cider popularity

As more brands, flavors and varieties of hard cider appear, experimentally minded American consumers are discovering a taste for the fizzy apple drink. A recent survey from Consumer Edge Insight’s Alcoholic Beverage DemandTracker shows an increasing number of women being drawn to new cider options, and men seeking them out as an alternative to other beverages.

  • 35% of consumers cited new brands as the reason for drinking more cider, and 31% are drinking more for the new flavors available
  • Women are especially likely to cite new brands (47%) and new flavors (39%) as their reason for drinking more cider. Only 23% of men responded likewise
  • 21% of men responded they are drinking more cider as an alternative to other types of alcohol
  • 33% of men have grown to like the taste of cider and they have found more occasions to drink it (25%)
  • But, the cider category suffers from a large perception gap between drinkers and non-drinkers. 36% of people who drink cider regularly (at least once a week) have a positive opinion: they think cider tastes great. 31% say it is fun to drink. In contrast, people who don’t drink cider at all have a very negative opinion, with only 5% thinking it tastes good and 22% saying that cider is “not for people their age"
  • When asked what would make them drink cider more often, people who currently drink cider regularly (at least once per week), most frequently responded with “if it was available in more bars and restaurants” (26%)
  • This was also the #1 answer among people who drink cider occasionally; with 17% of them saying increased availability in on-premise channels would make them consume cider more often
  • Both regular and occasional drinkers also were likely to say that increased availability of cider in stores would also make them drink it more often, (19% of regular drinkers and 15% of occasional drinkers)
  • Among people who don’t currently drink cider at all, 10% of them said they would drink cider more often if it tasted better and 8% said that if cider was more popular they would drink it more often. However, 68% of them said that “nothing” would make them drink cider more often

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