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Colorado suspends restaurants' sales-tax payments

Hospitality establishments can deduct their sales from what they owe the state, up to $70,000 per month. The break expires at the end of September.


The restaurant industry is splitting in two

The Bottom Line: The business is increasingly bifurcating. Fast-food restaurants are focused on speed and production. But demand for experiential dining remains high. Those in between may struggle.

More than eight in 10 consumers say they are cutting back on restaurant visits as evidence of spending shifts continues to grow.

The Bottom Line: Looking at three years’ worth of same-store sales suggests the industry has recovered. But all of it is coming from price, suggesting chains are still losing customers.

A survey of middle-income households shows 57% anticipate buying fewer takeout and dine-in meals.

Hotel revenues from corporate customers are projected to fall $20 billion below the 2019 level.

Plus, Restaurant Rewind looks at past efforts by full-service operators to enter the drive-thru business.

A Deeper Dive: Jason Morgan, CEO of Original ChopShop, joins the podcast to talk about expanding in a tight labor market without compromising unit economics.

The sandwich giant’s average unit volumes were their highest since 2014 and same-store sales were flat compared with 2019. But hundreds of stores are still closing.

Industry sales declined for the third time in four months in January, according to new federal data. And the slowdown appeared to accelerate.

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