Why the retail apocalypse is the main factor in restaurants’ traffic problems

The industry will have to adapt to a new reality with fewer shoppers, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


Black Box: Sales rose in May, but traffic still down

Same-store sales improved from April’s weakness, but fears of an economic slowdown loom.

Sales rose 1.7% in April, thanks to strong improvement in quick-service and fast-casual chains, as dine-in remains a challenge.

More than a third operated with higher vacancies during Q1.

Traffic continued to decline as restaurants relied again on higher average check to generate sales.

Customers paid higher prices at restaurants early this year, but they went out less often, according to the March Technomic Chain Restaurant Index.

But traffic remains weak as the industry relies on price to generate sales.

The restaurant industry is expected to grow 3.9% this year, even as real growth remains more modest.

New research shows that a considerable positive impact is felt by restaurants across the board, not just big marketers or operations with a hometown team in the hunt.

Traffic plummeted as a cold and snowy winter hit much of the country.