Black Box: Thanksgiving and takeout helped chain restaurants in November

Same-store sales rose for the sixth straight month, but traffic is still a problem.


Mall traffic is still a problem

Despite some big crowds, more people are staying home to shop this season, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

New research shows America is still on top, but with plenty of challenges.

Forced limitations on what retailers can sell are likely to put more ready-to-eat foods on the menu.

Same-store sales rose again in October, but traffic continues to decline.

Sales weakened as fall started, continuing a difficult pattern for chain restaurants, according to the latest Technomic Chain Restaurant Index.

The preliminary results suggest the brand’s comeback strategy is working.

But the sales came from higher prices as the industry continues to face traffic challenges.

Spoiler alert: Seattle isn’t No. 1.

Heavy hiring by retailers is a good sign, but it could also stress an already tight labor pool, says RB’s The Bottom Line.