Here's a business tool to keep restaurant executives employed after a tough Q1

Reality Check: The first three months of 2024 weren’t easy on restaurant chains, but spin-doctoring proved to be. Indeed, there must have been a run on shovels.


3 reasons Chili's is doing so well right now

A focus on value and operations is helping both sales and profits at the casual-dining chain.

Data from shows that full-service traffic perked up in March after a difficult end to the year.

According to data from, traffic at restaurants has lagged that of grocers, superstores and convenience stores since the pandemic.

Technomic Top 500: Here are the country's 10 largest restaurant chains by sales, according to the Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report.

Was it weather? Or was it prices? Either way, fast-food restaurants have started the year off on the wrong foot, according to traffic data.

The fast-food chicken sandwich chain generated nearly $22 billion in U.S. system sales last year, according to its franchise disclosure documents, while both mall and non-mall locations thrived.

The Bottom Line: Snow and cold in January kept customers from visiting restaurants. Here's why this might be a bigger influence in the future.

Reality Check: This year's mother of all industry forecasts is packed with tidbits that are likely to surprise. Here are five we found in the National Restaurant Association's State of the Restaurant Industry report.

The coffee chain’s sales and traffic slowed from October through December, according to the research firm Earnest Insights, the latest evidence of a slowdown.

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